Being the UK’s largest music retailer means PMT have a plethora of products to film, as well as droves of customers to educate and entertain.

Every month I head down to the Newcastle store and point the camera at Guitar Expert (and my good mate) Dagan.

A lot of the time we shoot product reviews where we put guitars, amps and pedals through their paces and hear how they stack up against their competition.

This time, we created a short guide for the less experienced guitarists out there who might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the limitless purchase choices they’re faced with every time they visit a store or browse the web.

Keeping the customer in mind is important for every video you create, but for this type of film in particular it’s essential.

You need to know exactly who you’re talking to, so your message and teachings stay relevant and useful.

So in our case, it would be no good to start talking throwing technical guitar jargon around – we were speaking to beginners who wouldn’t have a clue what we were talking about!

At the same time, this video can still be watched and enjoyed by more experienced guitarists who have never tried a 3/4-sized guitar, for example.

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