The Brief

In his own words, Luke Harrison “helps de-motivated people in vicious cycles discover self confidence to achieve the life they desire”. In the quest to do so, he’s authored How To Stop Overthinking and runs Total Fitness Tribe in South Shields.

But the question “what do you do?” is one that many business owners find difficult to answer – usually it’s a lot more complicated than just “I’m a coach” or “I’m a videographer”.

To better tell his story and give people an more detailed, visual insight into what he does, Luke put video content to good use.

The Shoot

Myself and photographer Curt Taylor ( accompanied Luke on a typical (and very early) Thursday morning, starting with a training session at TFT before wandering across the beach.

Curt snapped hundreds of images for Luke to use however he wished, and I captured a mix of “lifestyle” B-roll plus a handful of to-camera pieces.

We wanted the film to look polished and professional, but still personal and almost Vlog-like. Crucially, Luke made sure that his content would be tailored for a specific audience; people who were aware of him and perhaps his business too, but not necessarily clued-up on the details.

This is where a lot of people miss the mark – they create branded films that don’t consider what stage the viewer might be at in their journey, and simply go in for the hard pitch or the sale immediately. Frankly, I can’t think of a more off-putting kind of marketing.

But Luke’s a clever bloke, and by speaking through the camera to the individual watching on the other side has created a film that succeeds in being both informative and valuable.

The Nerdy Stuff

This was an all-Sony shoot, with Curt taking stills on his A7Rii whilst I captured video on the A7S.  As a result Luke received massive 42-megapixel images bursting with detail, plus a mix of realtime and slow motion Full HD footage.

For many of the “lifestyle” shots, I opted for the quirky Helios 44-2 58mm lens, with its gorgeous depth-of-field and low contrast colour giving a filmic, almost dreamy look. It also helps focus the viewer’s attention on just one part of the frame and particularly on tighter shots has a very close, personal feel.

Luke received the still images and the final film within a few days of filming, and has made use of them on both his website and social media.

The best part is that it’s all re-purposable for future content, and we’ll undoubtedly put this footage to good use again the next time we film.

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