This was certainly something different!

Sunderland’s largest taxi firm asked Artifact Media to help create a series of videos inspired by James Corden’s infamous Carpool Karaoke segment.

The films would be prime material for social media publishing – light-hearted, hugely entertaining and promising high levels of audience engagement. Each featured one of the firm’s charismatic drivers and a special guest passenger.

The first Cabpool Karaoke series accumulated a total view count of over 100k, with many viewers actively engaging by praising the films through comments. The 2018 Christmas Special upped the total view count to 125k.

The series also generated a slew of positive PR; Station Taxis featured in several popular publications including Chronicle Live, Sunderland Echo, Spark Sunderland, The Star and Sunderland Vibe.

How we made it

We’ve previously rigged vehicles for filming, but not quite on this scale – we wanted to capture several angles within the vehicle to keep the films visually-dynamic, whilst keeping the vehicle safe distraction-free for the driver.

Three cameras were mounted to the inside of the windshield and passenger window respectively  – two GoPros and one Sony A7Sii. The latter provided the most “cinematic” look, and was therefore focussed on the driver (the real star of the show!).

With the films centring around music and singing, audio was arguably even more crucial than the visuals. We used two Sennheiser ME2 lavalier microphones tucked into the overhead sun visors to capture high-quality audio of the cars’ occupants. In post-production, we used various mixing techniques to balance the pre-recorded music tracks and the audio captured within the car.

Both the April and November shoots had tight schedules, with most guests taking part back-to-back across each day. Constant communication was paramount to the project’s success, and for that we must thank everyone involved! Cabpool Karaoke was a complete hoot – and it’s clear that its viewers thought so too.

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