This is my new favourite adjective – effective. So much so that it’s now quite literally at the core of my business.


Because by using just this one word, the videos I make for clients will improve, so they’ll sell more stuff / get more leads / grow their business.

Here’s how you can do the same.

In June 2017, Naomi and I were six stories up in Warsaw, Poland, but had no time to take in the beautiful views; our eyes were focused on our camera screens and our ears fixated on the words of wisdom from seminar hosts Dino and Simon – the Success Engineers.

The day after the event itself, we and some of the attendees spent the afternoon in a quaint café, where we brainstormed ideas from the day before and got some discussion going.

I took the opportunity to ask our clever (and rather lovely) new friends:

“Can you help me? I’m not really sure how to sum up what I do…

Yes, I’m a videographer… but I hate making videos that have no meaning or value to the viewer, even if they’re super-pretty.

I want all of my clients’ videos to do something for them – serve a purpose, do a job.

How do you describe that?”

Ayse and Colette responded almost in unison:

“So it’s Effective Video. That’s what you do, right?”


The dictionary definition of Effective reads:

Successful in producing a desired or intended result.

So effective video is that which brings about a particular outcome, specified by those involved in the creation.

Such outcomes could be:

  • More sales
  • Higher level of engagement and interaction
  • Education of the viewer
  • More leads / sign-ups / clients
  • Increased traffic to a particular place (website, Facebook Page etc)

Sounds about right to me. But how do you measure whether a video is effective?

Well, you can and should look at the data when it’s out there in the big wide world, but it’s much more important to start long before that and get it right from the start.

When you’re in the process of making a video (either on your own or if you’ve hired a videographer), ask yourself the question continuously:

“Will this be effective?”

If you find yourself in front of the camera saying lots of “I / me / we / our”, chances are you’re blowing your own trumpet too much.

You’re not giving your viewer anything of value, so they’ll soon switch off. After all, why should they care? They’ve got problems of their own.

= Ineffective Video.

But, if you’re sharing some insightful / educational / entertaining stuff, your audience will lap it up.

A percentage of them will really love it and want to see more.

They’ll like what you have to offer and share, so they’re more likely to click through to your website, download your e-book or purchase one of your products.

= Effective video.

That’s all there is to it.

It sounds too simple, I know, but I know you’ve seen countless films that have neither purpose nor value, other than preaching the merits of whoever’s in them.

“Hi, we’re Company X and we do Y. We pride ourselves on customer service and our team of highly-skilled representatives offer a range of services…”

Even just typing that made my skin crawl… Please don’t be one of those people.

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