In the dog training profession, Jane Ardern is something of a household name after winning KCAI Dog Trainer Of The Year in 2015.

Already oversubscribed and fully-booked with both dog training classes and private lessons, she did the clever thing of building an entirely new arm of her business in 2016 – an online community.

Finally she would be able to pass on her expertise to anyone in the world, having had messages of disappointment from people as far afield as the USA who weren’t able to attend her classes in person.

Thus, video content was #1 on the list!

Jane and I first met up at her training facility in June 2016, filming many hours of content over two days.

Since then, we’ve filmed a total of four times, and there are now a total of 108 individual training videos available for viewing as part of Jane’s private online community.

However, it goes beyond having locked-away content reserved only for a select few.

Having video content in such high quantity and quality has allowed Jane to repurpose several of her videos into lead generation tools.

This allows her to attract more of her target customers by clearly and concisely demonstrating how she can help fix their problems.

It’s been great to see Jane improving her on-camera presenting skills – as she rightly says, it’s one thing to confidently show off your expertise in person, but another to do this with a camera in your face!

It’s also been a treat to film so many cute dawgs, despite the odd one mistaking a microphone for a fluffy toy…

You can follow Jane on Facebook – she frequently posts from the super-popular official Wagga Wuffins page – and if you’ve got a problematic pooch, you can sign up to her online community here.

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