D’Addario & Co. are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of musical instrument accessories. Their family of brands cater for musicians in the worlds of guitar, drums, woodwind and beyond, and they endorse hundreds of artists around the world.

The stories of those well-known artists are what D’Addario have asked Artifact Media to capture on several occasions.

We’ve worked closely with the supremely talented filmmaker Gareth Bowler on all video projects with D’Addario since 2018. Gareth has provided valuable camera support on all three shoots, and I’ve taken responsibility for post-production video editing.

In 2018, two of D’Addario’s endorsed guitarists – Mark Holcomb of Periphery, and Nick Johnston – were on the “NYXL Commit” tour, promoting the brand’s new range of innovative coated guitar strings with a series of guitar clinics hosted at music stores around Europe.

It was a case of “two worlds colliding” for us, as the clinic D’Addario asked us to film was held at the Manchester store of PMT – one of our longest-standing video production clients.

Gareth filmed the clinic in his typically-brilliant way and I edited the footage into a series of short films intended for social media sharing. Each one offered an insight into the artist’s musical career, which included their gear of choice, warmup and practice routines, advice for other musicians, and – of course – their thoughts on D’Addario’s NYXL strings.

The latter was a subtlety, though – as always, we didn’t want to make a “in your face”, blatant advert for a product.

Instead we wanted bring the audience closer to these highly-influential artists by capturing real stories on film.