09 Feb 18

The 5 Basics Of Good Video

You might think videography and filmmaking is complicated… and you’d be right, sort of. In reality though, any good video – be it a full-scale production or a simple self-shot update to a social network – rests on the foundations of a select few tried-and-tested principles. In this video, Alex runs through the 5 basic ingredients to […]
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08 Feb 18

Making an EFFECTIVE video – how hard can it be?

This is my new favourite adjective – effective. So much so that it’s now quite literally at the core of my business. Why? Because by using just this one word, the videos I make for clients will improve, so they’ll sell more stuff / get more leads / grow their business. Here’s how you can do the same. […]
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20 Nov 17

Testimonial – Jane Ardern, Wagga Wuffins Canine College

In the dog training profession, Jane Ardern is something of a household name after winning KCAI Dog Trainer Of The Year in 2015. Already oversubscribed and fully-booked with both dog training classes and private lessons, she did the clever thing of building an entirely new arm of her business in 2016 – an online community. Finally […]
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09 Nov 17

Filming A Product Guide @ Professional Music Technology

Being the UK’s largest music retailer means PMT have a plethora of products to film, as well as droves of customers to educate and entertain. Every month I head down to the Newcastle store and point the camera at Guitar Expert (and my good mate) Dagan. A lot of the time we shoot product reviews where […]
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04 Sep 17

5 Steps To Effective, Valuable Video Testimonials

Combining engaging, useful video content with great testimonials is a real strategy for success. You need all the other cogs in your marketing machine to be optimised too, but it’s surprising how powerful a five-minute chat with one of your customers can be… Here’s a film I made for Sukh Sidhu at his Online Fitness Business event in August 2017, built around the testimonials of […]
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