PMT are the UK’s largest musical instrument retailer, with 15+ stores dotted all over the UK.

Artifact Media and PMT work together regularly to create high-quality, effective video content – most significantly for the brand’s YouTube channel which currently stands at 217,000+ subscribers and an accumulative 125million+ views.

We’ve come a long way since 2015.

Just two weeks after their Newcastle store opened back in May 2015, they were kind enough to offer me the position of Hi Tech Expert.

Alex Wardle – Newcastle’s Hi-Tech Expert way back in 2016, before the days of Artifact Media!

Armed with a degree in Music Technology and Production (and some half-decent barista skills from Starbucks, for whatever that was worth), I helped customers understand products like mixing desks, keyboards, software packages and PA systems. One day, I decided to bring in my recently-purchased video camera “for the crack”, and asked Guitar Expert Dagan if he’d like to shoot a daft little video.
The rest, as they say, is history…

Filming in the PMT Newcastle store in 2018

We’ve come a long way since 2015.

My days of selling musical gizmos and gadgets are over, but I’m pleased to remain very much involved with PMT. Since those early days, we’ve produced hundreds of videos for their YouTube channel which have helped to solidify their standing in a competitive marketplace. We travel all over the country to review all manner of products, share buying guides and interview some of the most interesting and exciting personalities in the biz.

Interviewing America’s Got Talent semi-finalists ‘We Three’ at PMT London in February 2020
Interviewing ‘False Advertising’ at PMT Manchester in February 2020

As you might expect, the majority of this content is considered long-form, with typical durations between 10 and 20 minutes; ideal for YouTube. This content perfectly supplements the core retail activities of the company, and helps to establish an authoritative presence both online and offline. The values of the brand include high quality and impeccable standards of service across the board, which is precisely what their video content aims to communicate with their audience.

Dagan and the channel’s other presenters each have their own distinct personalities and styles – after all, they’re just showing up on camera with their usual, genuine passion for music. Their enthusiasm results in videos that are are always engaging and have entertainment value front-and-centre.

Video Presenter Dagan Wilkinthe literal face of PMT!
Dagan and Heath reviewing the 2019 Ibanez bass guitar range

Also key to the continued success of PMT’s content is that it is viewer-centric. Each and every video puts the needs, wants and potential problems of the brand’s audience first, with the ultimate aim of helping those audience members with useful, informative-yet-entertaining content.

Paramount to PMT’s success in the world of digital content is the fact that there’s such a strong team behind the whole operation. Artifact Media is very much just one piece of the puzzle – behind the scenes is the marketing team who plan and schedule the content, organise the logistics of having the right gear (and indeed the right people) in the right store for the right shoot, and analyse the metrics from platforms like YouTube and Facebook to see how the videos are being received, so that we continually improve.

Artifact filmmaker Alex Wardle and Hi-Tech Expert Gareth McWilliam in 2018

So where’s the proof of PMT’s success?
Here are a few stats to help tell the story…

Total video views: 100,000+
Subscribers: 150,000+
Highest video view count: 1,600,000+
Total video uploads: 2,700+

It always has been, and continues to be, a pleasure to work with PMT. Combining literally my two biggest passions – music and filmmaking – is something of a dream come true. To look back on those first few videos we made just for fun, just to see what happened, just to see if anyone was remotely interested, and compare to where our hard work has led us today… not gonna lie, it’s a good feeling.

The best part is we have so much more in the pipeline, loads of bigger and better ideas and projects in the works that I’m sure will continue to be lapped up by musicians not just in the UK, but all over the world.

Congrats to the whole PMT House of Rock crew – from the guys and girls on the shop floors, to the trick marketing team and of course Dagan and all the other presenters – and here’s to another successful, LOUD year!

Alex Wardle
March 2021