Dino Tartaglia and Simon Hartley form Success Engineers – a duo with 50 years combined experience who are on a mission to help entrepreneurs “join the two worlds” of effectively being a practicing service provider and a business owner.

We’ve filmed all of Success Engineers’ “Business Experience Weekends” around the world since 2017.

It started in Warsaw, where Dino and Simon hosted their inaugural conference-style event. Naturally they wanted The Warsaw Weekend to be captured on film so that it could be used for any amount of educational and/or marketing purposes in the future.

So, Naomi and I filmed the entirety of the two-day event, but not just “in the room” – we also took our cameras outside of the actual conference venue, as this was a true “experience” weekend with various activities planned (just one of many aspects setting Success Engineers apart from similar offerings).

The goal was not only to capture the educational material of the event, but also the vibe and atmosphere of the weekend as a whole.

Since then we’ve filmed similar multi-day events around the world…






It’s certainly a challenge to effectively film an event like those hosted by Success Engineers.

Not only are we responsible for capturing almost every single moment of the conference itself, but we’re also looking for footage specifically to be used in highlights and promotional videos.

It’s certainly not just a case of putting a camera on a tripod and letting it record for hours on end.

Since first filming with Dino and Simon in 2017, we’ve developed our processes and have codified our systems for capturing such events.

We keep the footage dynamic by mixing up our camera placement and framing throughout the event, and are always looking for key moments to capture as B-roll footage. We utilise a mixture of normal-speed, slow-motion and timelapse footage to help bring the event to life, and carefully select sections of the presentations to coincide with standout moments from attendee testimonials.

We also think very carefully about sound – not only do we mic-up the speakers themselves as you’d expect, but we also utilise various microphones placed strategically around the room in order to capture audience questions in high quality at any time.

We’ve also learnt to ask attendees to share their thoughts on camera throughout the event, rather than just at the very end of it. This gives us much more useful material to work into event highlights reels and other kinds of marketing films, as it’s a better way of capturing the true story of the individual’s experience.

You might think that editing something like a conference might be complicated – what with their being multiple cameras and audio capture devices, PowerPoint presentations and other media material, and very long takes – and you’d be right!

Once again though, we’ve become very much accustomed to dealing with such high quantities of media; we have a system for keeping track of each segment of the event, note down all relevant editing information in a shared spreadsheet, and typically deliver all edited videos within 4 weeks of the event itself.

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Alex Wardle
November 2020