A practical guide to utilising the most powerful form of marketing.

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Video has become a vital tool for business owners and marketers.
With more eyes on screens than ever before, the opportunity to reach and connect with more of your ideal customers has never been greater.
But there’s more to it than just making prettier films.
This book will enable you to:
  • make better-looking and better-sounding videos regardless of equipment
  • become a more confident, authoritative presenter on camera
  • put the tried-and-tested recipe for truly effective videos into action
  • make informed buying decisions on video gear (you don’t need as much as you may think)
  • put into practice the very filmmaking techniques used by professionals
  • create a proper, sustainable, strategised, video-centric marketing system
  • track the effectiveness of your videos using fundamental, deeply-insightful metrics
Effective video content can help you build a tribe of raving fans, attract and retain loyal clients, position your brand as premium, and set your business in an entirely different class to your competition.
Drawing upon years of experience producing powerful films for all manner of businesses, Alex Wardle shares his tried-and-tested strategy for designing, creating and delivering truly effective videos.
Grow Your Business With Video looks far beyond the Record button; now you can finally have marketing material that does your brand justice.