To the business owners and marketers who want high-quality, effective video content at the core of their marketing machine…

Join the coaching program designed specifically for those who want to utilise their video content consistently.

Learn about the strategy, systems, theories, and the technical stuff.

Our aim is to help only the keenest business owners use high-quality, effective video to reach more of their target audience and connect more deeply with them, and in turn to position their business among the very best in their industry.

Gold Level

[Maximum 5 members]

ALL Silver level benefits, plus:

Monthly 1-to-1 coaching call with Alex Wardle: filmmaker, author and avid marketer.

We’ll discuss your business and your video marketing in great detail, and help you formulate a strategy to underpin your entire business’ marketing system.

Your private coaching calls are very much led by you. Based on your feedback I will steer you towards what areas I believe to be the most beneficial, but ultimately you can ask me anything you like and get help with whatever you need.

Look-Over-My-Shoulder Calls

Exclusive inside looks into: a) video projects that we’re working on at Artifact Media, and how we’re making them effective, and b) our own continually-developing marketing systems and processes.

I’ve been producing videos long enough now to know what works, so this is a great chance for you to see exactly how we put together effective video production packages for our clients, and put the same tactics to use yourself.


£147/month for past and current video production clients

To apply: email 

Silver Level

The Artemis: 14-page newsletter sent to your door every month.

The exclusive read of all Shuttle members where we take a deep dive into video marketing. Discover how to make better-looking and better-sounding videos as well as the crucial marketing concepts that underpin the most effective content out there.

Access to the Shuttle community

Learn from other Shuttle members, share successes, discuss ideas, and learn from the combined experience of a group of similarly-keen business owners and marketers.

Live Streams

Alex will frequently “go live” within the private Shuttle Facebook group – the ideal opportunity to ask anything you like about video and video marketing.

Unlimited Critiques

Again within the closed Facebook group – post your videos, get constructive feedback from both Alex and other Shuttle members.


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