Effective video production programs

for businesses large and small.

In today’s ever-connected world bursting at the seams with endless content, your business needs something much more impressive than a promo film.

You need effective video that is built on strategy and purpose.

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Trust me – I wrote the book on video.

After contributing to the successes of many businesses using effective video content,  in 2018 I wrote my first book: Grow Your Business With Video.

There’s nothing I love more than seeing business owners and marketers getting the attention, engagement and appreciation they deserve as a result of having premium video content at the wheel of their marketing machine.

And in turn, it’s incredibly satisfying to see them reaping the rewards of such success – more fans, more sales, and a business that they love to be a part of.

Grow Your Business With Video gives anyone with a drive to make their business remarkable a roadmap for utilising truly effective video content.

And that’s what Artifact Media’s all about.

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Extracting maximum value from video.

The many and varied people you see in the video above are reaping the benefits of systemised and optimised video marketing strategies.

They’re putting high-quality video content to work in their business – it serves a purpose, and has a job to do.

Their videos bring out specific, measurable results. They’re tailored precisely for a defined audience. And they always put the viewer’s interests first.

Consistency is key – that’s why we created our “off-the-shelf” Video Production Programs.

These packages are based on our previous, real-world projects that have proven to be hugely effective for the business in question. They treat the video production process as a campaign designed to bring a real return back to your business – it’s much more than just showing up and filming a pretty video.

Download our catalogue of Video Production Programs

“Before working with Alex I couldn't find a videographer who understood not only what I wanted to capture, but its purpose. Our footage is the best quality I've seen captured from a live event. I'm so happy with everything from the experience to the actual finished product that I've already asked Alex to do a lot more work with me. Video has been THE biggest driver of growth for OFB this year. ”

Sukh Sidhu
Online Fitness Business

“I love to showcase my passion. Alex and Artifact Media captured this in the whole production process. Their approach is to be commended; Alex's method is to listen to his clients needs and act in a very laid-back yet professional manor. Great results and big thanks to him and the team. ”

Jimmy Shadforth
D'Acqua Restaurant Sunderland

“Video is the single most important material for our managed acts. Artifact Media are the guys we go to when we need video. Alex literally wrote the book.”

Del Cotton
Hire A Band Ltd.

“Super impressed with Artifact's work and speed of delivery. Amazing!”

Michelle Knight
Talladium UK Ltd.